CS:GO Gold Team

CS:GO Gold Team

This is our Counter Strike : Global Offensive Gold Team

  • nETTO

    Currently entry frag for Fenux.eu, played CS for 15 years since I was 7 I'm now 22.I am very passionate about CS:GO and hope to go far in this game.  ...Read More

  • taraus

    My name is Taraus Feirn, im currently a student at Brighton University, studying Sports Coaching and development. I have been playing CS:GO for about a year now after taking a long break to focus on school & college. I am currently the second entry fragger for Fenux.eu   ...Read More

  • Alex

    Gamer, IT Professional, Passionate Troll ;) AWPer for Fenux.eu. More than 10 years of 1.6/CSS/CS:GO Competitive experience. ...Read More

  • WarToX

    My name is Vetea Beurier, i'm a 18 years old french player. Been playing on PC FPS for around 10 years, started CS competitively in late July last year. I'm currently the Support of the team....Read More

  • Wong

    Ernst "Wong" Wong - 18 Years Old. Studying Undergraduate Mech. Engineering at the University of Exeter. Current IGL for Fenux     Gold.  I've been playing in the Counter-Strike franchise for over 8 years casually, then decided to play comeptitively around December 2014. Constantly striving to do better and improve as a team and an individual, look out big league!...Read More

  • Germanjii

    ...Read More