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Thu 4th Jun 2015 - 5:18pm : General

Fenux - new home for competitive players



Fenux was born a couple days ago and a lot of people keep working on the webpage, logos and a bunch of different things to get Fenux "live".

First of all Zehtuka and Lexy want to thank the STAFF and everyone who helps us to develop Fenux into the right direction. Without your support we wouldn't stand where we are at the moment. Thanks a lot.

Well I guess a lot of people are wondering what this new organization is and what we actually do. Well let me light up your mind about Fenux and what we actually do :

We are an European organization that strives to establish premier eSports presence by supporting ambitious gaming teams to play under the Fenux banner. We designed a modular and lightweight organization structure to support each team in an individual and custom-made way. Our main focus is to handle all matters outside the game for our teams, so they can focus entirely on their skills and their gameplay.

This means we are taking care of things like

  • Recruitment ( In case on player needs to leave a team )
  • Tournament Support ( Sign-up, Schedule Tracking, Merchandising, Streamers, etc.. )
  • Media Management ( Facebook, Twitter , Twitch , Blogs , different Platforms )
  • Sponsorship Support (Contacting Sponsors, Handling Sponsorships etc. )
  • And a lot of different things I cant think of at the moment :-)

Even though we have a really formal daily-business we still want to handle things like a big "family". We take care of our teams and support them in any way we can. Every game has its own department manager who takes care of all the needs each single players has. Fenux is a place where a team can reach the peak of their skill without caring about anything else besides their gameplay. We connect to players and viewers through a range of media outlet such as live streams and sponsorship with well named partners. We are the helping hand for every team in our organization to step up their game.


2015-06-04 (c) Lexy , Fenux 2015









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