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Wed 10th Jun 2015 - 12:18pm : Gaming

Get to know our Counter Strike : Global Offensive Teams


We expanded the Counter Strike : Global Offensive department during this week with two talented teams. Therefore you can see Fenux in ESEA Season 19 in 3 different colors
Every Fenux team gained a positive score in ESEA Season 19 so far and keeps practising on a really tough training schedule. We hope to take part at the playoffs with all of our teams and to establish ourself as a well known and excellent eSports organization.


Meet the first one of our Teams - Team White.
Most likely when you join their channel you will not understand a single word at the beginning because their main language is polish. Most of them live in the UK but originally they are all from Poland .
Overall I must admit they are friendly and funny guys. Especially "Slize" - his favorite game is curvefever and he likes to wander through our Fenux Teamspeak and ask people if they want to play it with him. They are worth to meet  and we are glad to have them as one of our Fenux teams.

Current Roster for Team White:

S. Sobocinski | "Verskin" - In-Game Leader  - Steam | Twitter

M. Pawelkiewicz | "b0z0" - Entry Fragger / Sniper   - Steam | Twitter

J. Cyra | "K@jop" - Second Entry Fragger - Steam | Twitter

D. Slaski | "derciaKK" - Lurker / Sniper - Steam | Twitter

P. Kasek  | "Slize" - Third Entry Fragger - Steam | Twitter


Here is another great Fenux Team - Team Black.
It might also happen that you won't understand a word when you join their Teamspeak channel at the beginning because they live in Norway .
They are very serious about their gameplay and their trainings but overall really nice to talk to. I always enjoy it when I join their channel and have a chat with them.
I even played a MM once with them but of course could not really keep up with their skill.

Current Roster for Team Black:

G. Moen | "novgious" - In-Game Leader  - Steam | Twitter

B. Telstad | "slickB" - Entry Fragger  - Steam | Twitter

R. Lystad | "zynthex" - Sniper - Steam | Twitter

M. Hagland | "haggis" - Lurker - Steam | Twitter

T. Wieerød  | "tomzey" - Second Entry Fragger - Steam | Twitter



Last but not least another awesome Fenux Team - Team Gold.
You will always understand every word when you join their teamspeak channel because they are from the UK, France and Romania . The main language they communicate within their team is english. All of them are super fun and nice to talk to and I think "Wong" has always a really good time with the Music-Bot "Anastasyia". The whole team is really ambitious and serious when it comes down to CS:GO and we are glad to have them in our organization.

Current Roster for Team Gold:

E. Wong | "Wong" - In-Game Leader  - Steam | Twitter

J. Dougherty | "nETTO" - Entry Fragger  - Steam | Twitter

A. Camilar | "takokat" - Sniper - Steam | Twitter

T. Feirn | "taraus" - Second Entry Fragger - Steam | Twitter

V. Beurier  | "WarTox" - Supporter - Steam | Twitter



  2015-06-10 (c) Lexy , Fenux 2015




N. Roe

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