Fenux is a European organization that strives to establish a premier eSports presence by rallying ambitious gaming teams to play under our banner. To accomplish this we designed a modular and lightweight structure which gives us the agility we need and it allows us to handle all matters outside the game for our teams, so they can focus entirely on their skills.

We are a family, we take care of our teams and support them in any way we can. It is a place where a team can reach the peak of their skill in a friendly and caring environment. We connect to players and viewers through a range of media outlet such as live streams and promote products and services from our partners.


R. de Zoete | "Zehtuka" - Founder/Owner - Steam | Twitter
N. Roe | "Lexy" - Chief Executive Officer - Steam | Twitter

M. Kieturakis | "MKI" - Public & Partner Relations Manager - Steam | Twitter